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Special Shipping Requirements

Many rocketry products require special shipping.
Engines require HAZ-MAT shipping See our SHIPPING area before placing an order to avoid delays and further charges.
Any products with HAZ in the description require shipping regulated by the federal government. Other products like fin stock and body tubes may also require special boxes. Please see our SHIPPING listings to learn more before placing an order.

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Commonwealth Rocketry, LLC.

47887 Michigan Ave. Suite 207
Canton, Michigan 48188
734-722-Rocket (7625)
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Special Shipping for Rocketry Products:

Many rocketry items require special shipping or boxing that will add to the total cost of your order. With this shopping cart you are required to read this information and choose the proper shipping methods and options. Failure to do this could cause delay in processing your order.

This new shopping cart charges ACTUAL shipping plus a small handling fee ($1.00) to offset our costs With boxes, tape and packing supplies. This system will be accurate in most instances but occasionally the shipping charged may be drastically less than the charges we actually occur. In this instances we will have to contact you manually to get your credit card information in order to bill the correct shipping amount.

When will my shipping charges displayed be incorrect?

Several factors could cause the shipping charges displayed upon checkout to be incorrect, HAZ-MAT products (i.e. engines - igniters), items of drastically different shapes / sizes (i.e. launch rods and large fin stock) that often can not fit in the same shipping package as other products ordered and large orders that have to ship in multiple boxes.

To avoid delays due to shipping please read the following and react accordingly. If you order any HAZ-MAT items that MUST (see the PFD document below) ship via UPS or Fed-Ex please select from our shipping category HAZ-MAT shipping. This will add the proper (required by federal law) shipping and fees. Use common sense and note that items of drastically different shape / size will not ship together thus requiring additional shipping. A four foot long launch rod will not ship in the same package as a small hobby model rocket kit. Read the product details pages for information to help you select the correct additional shipping that may be required. Full length body tubes (34" or longer) ship in a 40X6X6 inch box , this type of box is often crushed by carriers. Please select our Double Box option in this case. Note if ordering full length body tubes that require a 40X6X6 box and also ordering an item that will not fit in this box along with the body tubes you need to select our Second Package Option.

In some cases you may purchase more shipping than required, in these cases the small amount of additional shipping charge will be offset by some free rocketry products we will add to your order. We do not anticipate that this will happen often. If you have any shipping questions feel free to e-mail or phone us.

Engine Shipping:

See the Engine Shipping PDF below for shipping information when ordering Aerotech engines. If ordering Aerotech engines that can also be shipped via USPS (mail) no additional shipping is required, if you add the HAZ-MAT fee we will understand you want your order shipped via UPS or Fed-Ex. Ordering engines of K or larger size must be shipped via Fed-Ex, please select this option from our shipping category.

All Estes engines except E's may be shipped via USPS. USPS shipping can take up to 15 days, USP and Fed-Ex HAZ-MAT shipping times range from 3-5 days.


ANY items marked as HAZ in our cart and shipped via UPS or Fed-Ex MUST by law be shipped as HAZ-MAT materials with and additional charge. Other companies who do not follow these rules are in violation of federal law, if you order HAZ-MAT products from companies who violate these laws you are also guilty of conspiring to violate a federal law.


Q) How do I purchase HAZ-MAT shipping if required?
A) See the SPECIAL SHIPPING link in the left navagation panel

Q) What shipping service do you use?
A) 95+% of the time we will use UPS.

Q) Can I order HAZ-MAT items and have them shipped outside the contagious USA?
A) No.

Q) I am ordering from outside the USA what do I need to do?
A) Use the E-Mail payment option, we will process your order and contact you for the proper payment amount.

Q) When do you process and ship orders?
A) We process orders in the PM of Monday -Thursday. We ship Monday -Wednesday & Friday.

Q) How long do foreign orders take to arrive?
A) Each country is unique, shipping times range from 7 to 15 days.

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