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Many rocketry products require special shipping.
Engines require HAZ-MAT shipping See our SHIPPING area before placing an order to avoid delays and further charges.
Any products with HAZ in the description require shipping regulated by the federal government. Other products like fin stock and body tubes may also require special boxes. Please see our SHIPPING listings to learn more before placing an order.

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Commonwealth Rocketry, LLC.

47887 Michigan Ave. Suite 207
Canton, Michigan 48188
734-722-Rocket (7625)
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Welcome to the Educational - Exciting and Fun Hobby of Model Rocketry.

Model rocketry has been a hobby for over half a century. After World War II (WW2) with the introduction of Ballistic Missiles by the Germans a great interest in rocketry developed. Many people attempted to construct rockets and engines on their own, often with dangerous results.

The next step in model rocketry was the introduction of SAFE pre-manufactured model rocket engines and kits by several enterprising entrepreneurs. This truly made rocketry into a safe hobby instead of a dangerous activity involving chemicals.

National Association of Rocketry and the Tripoli Rocketry Association help make this one of the safest hobbies on planet earth, if you don't believe me take a look at the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) statistics on accidents. These organizations also work to promote the hobby by developing safety rules, encouraging the formation of rocketry clubs, holding contests, and through education with groups like the Boy Scouts, 4H, and schools.

What do we sell?

We stock about 1400 model and high power rocketry products! This is far more than any other model rocket company. While we sell far more rocket products and anyone else we value your feedback. If there are products we do not carry but you wish we did please let us know.

We stock the following type of items, model rocket starter sets, rocket kits, rocket body tubes, centering rings, nose cones, tube couplers, fin stock, rocket engines, reloadable motors, parachutes, Kevlar & Nomex, shock cord, motor retainers, rocketry electronics, adhesives, Estes upgrade kits, Estes Bulk Packs, Estes Educator Products, and speciality rocketry products made to order.

We sell products from these and other fine companies:
Acme, Aero Pack, Aerospace Speciality Products (ASP), Aerotech, Balsa Machining Service, Cosmodrome, Custom, Edmonds, Estes, Estes Educator, Flis Kits, Hawk Hobby, The Launch Pad, LOC, Public Missiles Ltd. (PML), Polecat Aerospace, Quest, Rouse-Tech, Semroc, Sky Ripper, Slimline, West Systems, Winged Shadow,and many more.

Who Are We?

Commonwealth Displays was started in 1980 as a fireworks store. Both partners had a interest in model rocketry, so rockets were soon added. We we the first on the Internet, actually it wasn't even called the Internet then. We started on News Groups, moved to Prodigy and then to the World Wide Web (WWW) or todays modern Internet as soon as it was developed.

Many of the owners of todays current rocketry companies have been customers of ours. Ed Shihadeh at Giant Leap Rocketry and Kevin Funk at Discount Rocketry were a few of our first customers. Why did they and others purchase from us? We have always had a large variety of model - mid and high power rocketry products. We were one of the first rocketry companies to take charge cards, one of the first with a E-commerce shopping cart and still one of the few who ship world wide.

Best of all we actually have a real store, yes an actual commercial building you can visit. We do NOT work out of our mom's basement or out of the trunk of our car. We are insured, how many others are? Becasue we have a commercial location we have UPS service, we don't have to close down to ship out your package. Rocketry is not just our hobby, unlike others our goal is to make a profit so we can stay in business and provide you with the best assortment of model rocketry products on earth.

Because we are a real company we can accept Purchase Orders from schools, 4H, and scout groups. The dealers working out of mom's basement can't do that. If you are a member of such a group feel free to call us with your orders and questions. We can make sure you will recieve the rocket products that best fit your needs. We are not like other dealers who only have a limited amount of products and must "push" what they have, we supply you with what you need.

LASER Service

We offer a LASER cutting and engraving service. Do you want to design your own kits or need a special project for school? We can LASER cut may types of materials for you. We can cut all types of wood, Balsa, Bass, and Plywoods. We can also cut plastics and other composite items. Our LASER is great at reproducing 100's of small model rocket parts like centering rings and fins. We can also LASER engrave your expensive reloadable rocket motors with your name and address so if lost they can be returned. Have an idea? Lets see if we can help, call or e-mail us with questions about our LASER cutting service.

Send us your RockSim (*.svg) files and we can custom cut your fins, rings, flat stock etc.

Team America Rocketry Challenge


The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is the world's largest rocket contest, sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). It was created in the fall of 2002 as a one-time celebration of the Centennial of Flight, but the enthusiasm about the event was so great that AIA and NAR were asked to hold the contest annually.

Approximately 7,000 students from across the nation compete in TARC each year. Teams design, build and fly a model rocket that reaches a specific altitude and duration determined by a set of rules developed each year. The goal of the contest changes each year. it is designed to encourage students to study math and science and pursue careers in aerospace.

The top 100 teams, based on local qualification flights, are invited to Washington, DC in May for the national finals. Prizes include $60,000 in cash and scholarships split between the top 10 finishers. NASA invites the top 25 teams to participate in their Student Launch Initiative, an advanced rocketry program. AIA member companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have sponsored additional prizes such as scholarship money and a trip to an international air show.

Commonwealth Displays has worked with many TARC groups proving both materials and expertise.We offer TARC team members 1400 model rocketry products to choose from. This allows the contestants the freedom to design the rocket they really want to build not the one they have to build due to a lack of parts.

Many team members and advisors have driven to our store to actually see the products we have so that they can design the winning model rocket. We are close enough that many TARC team members do drive to see us. Located just south of Detroit, Michigan teams from Michigan,Ohio and Indiana often come see us. We also are glad to consult with anyone on the phone. See the TARC area of our rocketry web store for products especiallysuited for the annual rocket challenge.

Rocketry Gift Ideas

We love to help our customers find the perfect gift for the rocketeer on their list.It is important to find out what kind of rocketeer you are getting a gift for. There are several broad categories of rocketeers, keep in mind most have interests in more than one of these areas.

New to Rocketry: This is an easy one, pick up an Estes Starter Set and your done! Makes a great gift and a perfect staring point for Rocketeers of any age!
Hobby Rocketeer: Flies small rockets like Estes, Custom, Flis and others. Usually files with rocket engines ranging from 1/4A to D size.
Mid Power Rocketeer: Flies medium size rockets like LOC, Aerotech, Cosmodrome and others. This rocketeer usually uses engines ranging from E to G size.
High Power Rocketeer: Flies large rockets from LOC, PLM and other model rocket companies. This rocketeer may also 'scratch build' many rockets. They fly rockets using engines from H to M size in Rouse-Tech Monster Motor Hardware..

Once you know what group(s) your rocketeer falls into we can help with gift ideas. Feel free to phone the store and ask for our help. This is the quickest way to find the perfect model rocket gift especially near Christmas when things seem to FLY off the shelf.

General gift giving ideas:

Try not to pick a gift in a higher range than your rocketeer is already in. Doing so may require additional equipment or a larger fly field than they have access to.

Scale model kits make great gifts even if they are in a lower range than your rocketeer is in!
For example a mid-power flyer may love a challenging scale model rocket in the hobby class.Scale models are just that! Actual small versions of REAL Rockets! For example PML has a Patriot Model Rocket kit that is a 1/4 scale of the actual rocket used in the recent Middle East wars.

The Launch Pad makes a full line of Military Scale Model Rockets for mid-power flyers. Their kits include famous names like; Bull Pup, Exocet, Harpoon, Hawk, Hellfire, Nike Ajax and many more.These kits offer more challenge than a regular rocket in the same class.

For those who like to 'scratch build' Commonwealth has ALL the PARTS needed. We have rocket body tubes in cardboard and phenolic, rocket nose cones in balsa and plastic, centering rings, shock cord in bungee to high strength Kevlar. And who else but Commonwealth stocks the full line of Estes and Aerotech model rocket motors / engines ? We also have a full range of recovery devices - parachutes and streamers made from plastic to rip-stop nylon!

We even have rocket electronics! Every rocketeer wants to know how high did it go. We have several lines of Altimeters to tell them just that. That is perhaps the perfect gift for just about any rocketeer.

I hope this has helped you, feel free to call us and we will be glad to help you with your gift giving. Remember is does get busy for the holidays so plan early, pick out the perfect gift and get ready for the hugs and kisses that will surely arrive.

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